Advanced Campaigns

Advanced Campaigns are similar to standard campaigns but they offer even more flexibility and development. Advanced campaigns allow you to create your own campaign from scratch and use our extensive API library to build just about anything. We recommend this campaign if you are setting up a custom Facebook application or complex microsite.

How to Build an Advanced Campaign:

  1. Login to your Promoboxx account and click the Campaigns tab
  2. Click the Create New Campaign button
  3. Under the Advanced Campaign Section, click the Get Started button
  4. Give the campaign a name, choose where you would like your landing page to be hosted, and then click Continue.

If you're building a custom, HTML-based campaign from scratch, you'll need to integrate it with the Promoboxx API and upload it to your dedicated Promoboxx FTP.

Instructions on how to upload your files to the Promoboxx FTP can be found in the campaign by clicking Landing Pages under settings, then scrolling down to Campaign Files.

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