How to Create Divisions: “Creating the Association Between Reps & Retailers”

1. The easiest way to create a basic rep to retailer association is by allowing a retailer to select their rep in the Promoboxx registration process. To set this up you can use our Custom Fields feature; to learn more, click here. We recommend including an "I don't know" option for those retailers that don't know who their sales rep is, which will allow you to fill it in for them on the back end. 

Custom fields will also be added as a column header in your retailer template CSV. file. Here you can input your sales rep information in this column.

The second step is to create filters based on your sales reps to allow you to view reporting according to each rep. To set up filters for sales reps click here.

2. If you want to include sales rep information in your retailer upload document during the onboarding process you can follow the instructions below to create divisions.

Creating divisions within Promoboxx will allow the sales reps to view the reporting of retailers that fall under their influence. The easiest way to do this 

How to Create a Division:

1.     Go to the Settings tab on left-hand side menu

2.     Click on “ Divisions” subsection

3.     Click on green +Division button

4.     In the “Name” section be sure to fill in the correct name that correlates with the correct filter

How to Invite Reps in Divisions:

1.     Once you created divisions you can click the edit button associated with each division to invite the user

2.     Once in edit click on the “ User” sub section

3.     Select +Invite New User

4.     Enter email address and click search

5.     Add in First and last name and company associated with that person and click the “Invite” button

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