Shares Only Campaigns

Quick Share Campaigns (also known as "Share Only" campaigns) are the most common type of campaign and can be built in just a few minutes. Quick Share Campaigns allow you to easily create customizable link shares, photo shares, and video shares for your retailers that are suitable for a wide range of content. 

How to Build a Quick Share Campaign:

  1. Login to your Promoboxx account and click the Campaigns tab
  2. Click the Create New Campaign button
  3. Select Shares Only on the left-hand side of the page.
  4. From there you will be asked to give the campaign a name and enter a link that can be used for the posts (not required).

Once you have the shell for your campaign built, you'll want to create the campaign sell page and promotion channels next!

*Discovery Tool allows you to create a quick share campaign from existing content that has already been shared to your brand's national social pages. Simply select a post and it will automatically be transformed into a quick share with Facebook, Twitter, and Email channels enabled.

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