Creating Shares

To create a share, simply follow these three steps in the Add Content section of a campaign.

Upload Campaign Assets

Here, you'll see a space to drag and drop or click to upload files that you'd like to use in your campaign. You can also include Facebook and YouTube video URLs. Note our format guide for what assets work best with what channels- this could seem excessive, but it's a magical science. In short, if your images are bigger than 600x315, you're good! You can select and deselect assets by clicking on them to show the green check mark.

Set Share Destination URL 

Now that you have your assets, where do you want them to link to? This is the destination link for all the shares that you'll be creating, and you can select either 

  1. No Link - For standalone images or videos.
  2. Dealer Website - For driving traffic to the dealer's website (most common). If you select Dealer Website, you will have to set a fallback link in case if the Dealer Website does not exist, has changed, or is not inputted into the Promoboxx platform.
  3. Landing Page - For driving traffic to a landing page that you create with more information about a specific campaign or product. Check out our article for more information on our Landing Page feature.
  4. Webpage - For driving traffic to a pre-existing site, like sweepstakes or even a recipe page. 
  5. Custom Field - For driving traffic to a specific link provided by the dealer through a Custom Field (i.e. the URL of the specific page of the Dealer's Website where your products are being sold

Select Share Channels & Add Copy

Finally, select which share channels you'd like to create, then

  • Add a link TitleNote: retailers cannot edit this text.
  • Add a link DescriptionNote: retailers cannot edit this text.
  • Add a few Suggested Message Copy options! This text can be customized by retailers. This should have a very local, personalized feel to it. We recommend creating 3-4 options for retailers to choose from.

PREST-O CHANGE-O, you're all set! ✨

Click that big, green, friendly button titled "Create Shares & Continue" to see what you've done and edit the shares.

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