Facebook 101

To create a Facebook share, simply navigate to the Promotion Channels section of the campaign you're building and click Add a Facebook Share. The first thing you'll want to do is provide a label for the share. Since you can create multiple Facebook shares, having a label helps differentiate the options for you and your retailers. 

Next, you'll want to choose what type of Facebook post you'd like to create for your retailers. You can create a Link Share, Photo Share, or Video Share.  See below for details about each format:

Link Share: Use this format whenever you have  a URL  (such as a landing page or retailer website) you want the Facebook post to link to. There are 3 important steps you'll need to complete when creating a link share.

  • Step 1: add a link TitleNote: retailers cannot edit this text.
  • Step 2: add a link DescriptionNote: retailers cannot edit this text.
  • Step 3: add a Custom Link for your share. Standard Campaigns will automatically link each share to the landing page, but you can also add a custom link for a specific share (as seen above) which will override the default share URL. 
  • Step 3: add a few Suggested Message Copy options! This text can be customized by retailers. This should have a very local, personalized feel to it. We recommend creating 3-4 options for retailers to choose from.

Example Link Share:

Photo Share: Use this format if you do not have a link to include. For this share, you will only need to add suggested copy (see step 4 in the example above) in addition to uploading an image.

Example Photo Share:

Video Share: Last but not least, a video share is very similar to a link share but is only used for Facebook Videos. Facebook videos will auto-play once shared and will count towards the national views on the original post. Be sure to insert a link to the Facebook video in the proper format as shown below.

Example Video Share:

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