Facebook 201

Facebook Tips & Best Practices

Follow Image Guidelines: 

  • Valid file extensions: jpg, jpeg, png, gif
  • Max file size: 3MB
  • Facebook Photo Shares should use images sized at 403 x 403 pixels, and Facebook Link Shares should use images sized at 1200 x 630 pixels (600 x 313 minimum).
  • Text should not cover more than 20% of your image. Unsure? Use Facebook's Grid Tool.
  • Be sure to use a high-quality, eye-catching image!

Caption Best Practices:

  • The copy in your Facebook post should be clear, concise, and action-oriented.
  • It's best to include the most important content in your post in the first 90 characters. 
  • Include a strong call to action within the first 90 characters - tell your customers what you want them to do!
  • Including variables in the copy of your Facebook shares is always encouraged to make it more personalized!
    • Variables allow for share text customization, such as including a retailer name or website.

      ie. "Stop by {{ retailer.name }} to learn more, Check out our website at {{ retailer.website_url}}"

  • Be sure to include at least 3-4 suggested copy options for your retailers to choose from.

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