Campaign Shares Format Guide

Reference this guide when creating or optimizing campaign share assets. Campaign assets can be images, videos, or other files. See below for further details.

Share Types:

  • Link Shares: Facebook link share images are required to be in a horizontal 1.9:1 ratio. The minimum resolution required is 600x315 pixels, but 1200 x 628 pixels or larger is recommended. You can still upload square images, just be sure to use our "crop" tool to adjust the focal point of the image.
  • Photo Shares: Horizontal or vertical images are accepted, with a minimum resolution of 600 x 315.
  • Video Shares: Horizontal or vertical videos are accepted. The maximum filesize for Videos is 1000MB. (Note Twitter max size is 512 MB)


Acceptable Formats


File Size

Facebook Images: jpeg, jpg, png, gif (non-animated)
Videos: mov, mpg, mp4, or (YouTube, Vimeo, Facebook url)
600x315 (min) 1000MB
Twitter Images: jpeg, jpg, png, gif, animated gif
Videos: mov or mpg (in addition to other Twitter-specific requirements)
Twitter Video Specifications and Recommendations

600x315 (min) 512MB
Instagram Images: jpeg, jpg, png, gif 
Video: mp4, mpg, mov
600x315 (min) 
2048x2048 (max)
1080px (max video width)
60 seconds
Email Images: jpeg, jpg, png, gif, animated gif All 1000MB
Banners/Buttons Images: jpeg, jpg, png, gif, animated gif All 1000MB
Downloadables Images: jpeg, jpg, png, gif, animated gif
Other: pdf, zip
All 1000MB
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