Twitter 101

How to Set Up a Twitter Promotion Channel:

  1. Navigate to the "Promotion Channels" section of the campaign you are building, and click on "Add a Twitter Post."
  2. Provide a label for the share. You are able to create multiple tweet options (featuring different images and copy), so having an internal label helps differentiate the tweets.
  3. Choose whether you would like your retailers to tweet an image (Photo Format) or just text (Text Format).
  4. Write the tweet copy in the text box. 
  5. Upload a photo if you have a chosen a Photo Format tweet. 
  6. Don't forget to use #Hashtags or tweet at an account with an @!

Twitter, when used correctly, is extremely valuable. Twitter allows retailers the opportunity to connect more immediately than Facebook, offer top-notch support, reward loyal customers, and retweet industry trend articles.

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