Twitter Tips

Tips and Best Practices

  • Any campaign Share URL at the top of the page will automatically be shortened and included in Twitter shares.
  • Do not include retailer variables
    • Due to Twitter character limit and varying character count for retailer values, it's best to avoid including variables (i.e. retailer name {{ }} or retailer website {{ retailer.website_url }})
  • Use #Hashtags.
    • A hashtag is a word (or words) that point to a specific topic using the # symbol. Hashtags are an excellent way to identify what’s trending in your industry, or better yet, initiate buzz about what you would like to be trending.
  • Be careful if you are tweeting with someone else's Twitter handle at the beginning of your tweet
    • Make sure you put a period before their handle if you start with someone else's Twitter handle. Without the period, your tweet will only be seen by that user and not the rest of your followers (see image below).

Share meaningful content

Aside from being loyal fans or interested in learning more about a particular industry, consumers also like to tweet about what they are spending cash on. As many as 50% read about what others are buying and 31% tweet about a purchase they have made (source).

Don’t just talk about your product, rather offer relevant tips, fun facts, or how-to guides. The more meaningful content you provide, the more interest and buzz you can generate around your product.

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