Consumer Email

Consumer email might not be the most popular channel to provide your retailers and is often overshadowed by other social media channels like Facebook and Twitter. However, it remains one of the most powerful tools to strengthen retailer to consumer engagement. By following the simple steps below, you can create an email template within your campaign that your retailers can easily send to their consumers!

How To Set Up Consumer Email:

To begin, create shares in the Add Content section and click "Email" when prompted to select your share channels. 

1.) Give your email template an interesting Subject line about the campaign or product being promoted, this will be the 'Title' text box on the campaign builder.

2.) Add in a Description and a Message, like you would normally when creating shares. Click the green "Create Shares & Continue" button!

3.) Navigate to the Email tab on the success page. Here, you can edit any text or photo to create the body of your email . You can start fresh with the Default template or begin with our pre-built HTML template under the Custom HTML checkbox.

Once finished, you can preview your consumer email template and hit save!

Tips and Best Practices:

  • Your main banner image should be sized to 600 px
  • Be sure to use an eye-catching graphic 
  • Write an engaging heading text (i.e. a question, savings offer)
  • Include 2-3 summary paragraphs of the campaign
  • Include a strong call to action button linking to the retailer campaign landing page.

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