Website Banners/Buttons

Website Banners & Buttons are a great channel to enable for your retailers when you have a campaign that's linking to a landing page. Your retailers will be able to download these banners and easily add them to their own website. Campaigns that last at least a month and have an engaging call to action for consumers (rebate offers, special deals, sweepstakes, product launches) work best with Website Banners. 

How to Set Up Website Banners:

  1. Navigate to the "Add Content" section of the campaign you're setting up and press "click to upload" to add your photos.
  2. Upload the photo that you want for your banner. Below are a few banner size options for your retailers to choose from. We recommend that you provide a few size options for your designed banner which can be added to your retailer's web page. 

3.  Once you have uploaded your photo, scroll down to make sure that the "Banner/Button" box is checked off to ensure that this asset will be included in your campaign. Next, press "Create Shares and Continue".

4. On the last page, you can view a preview of your banner and customize it by creating a link type, adding a link, and choosing the dealers you want to have access to the banner. 

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