Campaign Downloadables

There are two types of Downloadables that you can upload into Promoboxx. The first type is a downloadable that is attached directly to a campaign. These downloadables will only be available while the campaign is live and expire once the campaign ends. If you are looking for a downloadable that is not time-sensitive or dependent on a campaign, please follow the steps here.

How to Set Up Campaign Downloadables:

1. Upload any images you are looking to use as downloadables under "Upload Campaign Assets." Make sure to select each image you would like to use in your Campaign after uploading.

2. When selecting your share channels, be sure to check off "Downloadables." This will ensure that you are including downloadables in the campaign you're creating. 

3. On the next page, navigate to the "Downloadables" tab. Here you will provide a label for the downloadable, as well as a description. As always, don't forget to SAVE!

4. Continue to scroll down the page and follow step 3 for each image you have uploaded. If there is an image you do not wish to turn into a downloadable, select "Delete Share" on that particular image. 

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