Campaign Reporting Tabs


This section provides an in-depth understanding of where your retailers are sharing the campaign and its ultimate effects.

You will see a breakdown of what percentage of dealers engaged, viewed, and did not view, as well as opt-outs and automated shares. You can review the number of dealers who have promoted the campaign by online channel, as well as the method by which they promoted (auto-shared, scheduled, or manually).

Local Ads

On the Local Ads tab, you will only see reporting if this is a funded campaign. You can see a graph of the percentage funds have been redeemed by the retailers and the percentage that is leftover. Below, you can see a table of the ads and some reporting.

Dealer Shares

On the Dealer Shares tab, Beneath Comparison and Scoreboard, you will see reporting for all of the channels that were enabled in this particular campaign, such as Facebook and Twitter. For both of these channels,  If the campaign has different share options, you are also able to see which post the retailers have preferred to promote.

Consumer Metrics

On the Consumer Metrics tab, you can see a table of resulting Consumer Engagement from your Campaign Share Options divided by Organic and Paid. If you click on the Share Option (i.e. "Facebook Share") you can see a preview of the content and a list of the metrics. This is separated into different pages for different Share Channels, like Facebook, Twitter, Emails, and Downloadables.

Landing Page

If your campaign has a Landing Page, here you will find a summary of your landing page tracking, including total consumer views, consumer leads, and percent lead conversion. 

The Consumer Events sub-section shows the totals of each consumer action on the campaign's landing page. The National Views reporting shows how much activity was generated via the retailer agnostic version of the campaign, which features a zip-code lookup for users to locate the closest participating retailer in the campaign.

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