Retailer Engagement (Scoreboard and Channels)

Within Campaign Reporting, you'll see a sub-tab called Retailer Engagement. This section provides an in-depth understanding of where your retailers are sharing the campaign and its ultimate effects. This information can help mold strategy for upcoming campaigns. 


Under Retailer Engagement, the Comparison tab gives you a more in-depth overview of how your retailers are sharing your content across all channels. You have the option to sort this information by the number of shares in a certain channel, or alphabetically. You can also export this data in the upper right corner to further slice and dice it as a .csv file.


The Scoreboard shows which retailers are sharing the most and which promotion channels are used most by your retailers. You have the capability to assign point values to actions generated by a retailer within the platform (i.e. 2 points for generating a lead, 1 point for sharing the campaign on Facebook). Within the Scoreboard, you can see the overall leaders broken down by retailers or divisions.

Channel Engagement

Beneath Comparison and Scoreboard, you will see reporting for all of the channels that were enabled in this particular campaign, such as Facebook and Twitter. For both of these channels, you can review the number of dealers who have promoted the campaign by online channel, as well as the method by which they promoted (auto-shared, scheduled, or manually). If the campaign has different share options, you are also able to see which post the retailers have preferred to promote.

These sections also tell when the campaign was shared over time, giving the brand an understanding of when the retailers preferred to engage in the campaign.

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