Campaign Engagement Summary

If you're looking for a breakdown of how your campaigns are performing, you can see that on your Reporting page for that campaign.

On this page, you'll see a high-level overview of how many unique retailers are invited to the campaign, viewed, and shared the content. If you scroll further, you can see the numbers of shares per channel. There is a more detailed breakdown of this information in the individual channel reporting sections under 'Retailer Engagement.'

The Overall User Email Engagement Channel demonstrates how effective email performed to engage your retailers for this campaign. It shows the total number of retailers emailed, if any emails bounced/are invalid, as well as the total open and click through rates for all email communications. Clicking the arrow in the upper right corner, or alternately clicking the 'Communications' tab under 'Campaign summary, will show you a more thorough breakdown of how each individual email performed.

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