Campaign Invitation

The Send New tab provides you with different options to communicate with your retailers. For example, you may...

  • Invite retailers to your campaigns (note: only one of these can be sent per campaign)
  • Remind retailers that have not yet accepted an invitation to participate
  • Remind retailers to promote your content who viewed the campaign but didn't share 
  • Send all retailers messages about reporting, new content, upcoming campaigns, and more

When you know what type of Communication you want to, you'll be able to complete the following quick and easy steps: 

1.  Select Recipients

Select which retailers you are inviting to the campaign. You have the option to send to 'all' or to 'specific recipients' (e.g. specific filter(s) or collection(s), or individual email retailers)

2.  Automation Options

(*Skip this step if you want to ‘Send your retailers a message’ or if you do not want to run automations for this particular campaign)

Next, select which types of Automation you would like to run for your retailers: Share on Facebook or Post to Twitter. When you run Automation for your retailers, each time you release new content retailers who have enabled Automation will have the content promoted to their social channels instantaneously. 

3.  Customize Email

Your invitation will urge your retailers to participate in the campaign, so customizing the email subject line and body of the message is very important! Essential for a successful email:

  • An eye-catching subject line (try something new, like emojis or questions!). Using the word "FREE" can send emails to spam folders so be creative.
  • Quick overview of campaign and content, and the value it brings to the dealers and their audiences.
  • Finally, a strong call-to-action. Anything highlighted in a blue box in the image below denotes that it can (& should) be customized. As a general rule, your email text should have the same general voice as your Sell Page. 

To preview your email, click ‘Preview’ on the top left. To send a test email to yourself, click ‘Send Test’.

4.  Review & Send Your Campaign to Retailers

Last but not least, double check to see if all information is correct. If everything looks good, send the invitation, and be prepared for some happy retailers!

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