Running Automation

Running Automation allows you to create a schedule of shares that will automatically post to your retailers' social channels on the specific day and time that you set. Retailers that have Auto Share enabled will receive a transactional email with the content schedule showing when shares will be posted on their behalf and will receive email notifications when the share occurs. They will still have the ability to edit/update the schedule that the brand sets, but if the dealer has Auto Share most of the work is already done for them!

Simply follow the three steps below to create an automation schedule for your retailers. Note: running automation does not email your retailers.

1.  Select Recipients

You have the option to run this automation for all of your retailers who have auto share enabled, or only a specific filter or collection.

2.  Automation Options

Next, set a date and time for any shares you want to automate by share channel, starting with Facebook at the top. Simply toggle "on" the shares you wish to automate. Then, select a day and time for the post to be shared (or you can select now to have it run instantly).

3. Review & Send Your Campaign to Retailers!

Last but not least, double-check to see if all information is correct and run it!

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