Types of Communications

When you are ready to launch your campaign to your retailers, the next step is to click on the Communication tab in the left-side menu. There are a few different ways we can invite retailers to share your content, so we broke the Communications tab down for you below:

In this section, you will find six sub-sections: 

1)  Campaign Communications
  • Invite retailers to share the campaign content
  • Remind retailers to share content
  • Update retailers that new content has been added to an existing campaign

2) Silent Campaign Invitation

  • Invite your retailers to participate in a digital marketing campaign on Promoboxx without actually sending them an email.

3)  Running Automation

  • Schedule shares that will automatically post to your retailers' social channels at the specific day and time that you set

4)  Communication Drafts

  • Any sort of communications will be saved as a draft until you are ready to send them out.

5)  Communication History

  • Under 'History', you will be able to find all of the previous communications that you already sent to your retailers.
  • Similar to the 'Drafts' section, retailers and recipients are both listed, as well as what type of Automation was run. 

6)   Global Messages

  • Send additional communications to retailers beyond campaign invitations and reminders.
  • Examples include retailer surveys, notify retailers of important platform updates, product or campaign information, as well as targeting pending and eligible retailers.


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