Retailer Pulse

Retailer Pulse is a powerful reporting tool to help gauge the health of your retailer network on Promoboxx. You'll be able to see retailer engagement, campaign success, impressions, and social reach all on one page! To access the page, simply go to the reporting section on the left nav bar of your dashboard, and then click "Retailer Pulse." 

Engagement Map: View your retailer engagement at a glance with an interactive map that is scrollable and filterable by filters, collections, and rep groups.

Engagement Bar Chart: Funnel view shows how close you are to  reaching  100% engagement (when total potential equals total engagement). All retailers start as "Imported", then progress to a different status based upon their actions within the platform. This section includes a Locations view toggle, a date picker to view the data on a specific date in the past, and contextual tooltips with Promoboxx benchmark averages. 

Campaign Success: This section calls out high-level snapshot statistics, along with an overlaid graph showing engaged retailers relative to live campaigns over time. 

Impressions: View your total impressions for recent campaigns. This chart also calls out local ads/co-op campaigns in green. Filterable by filters, collections, rep groups, and date range.

Social Reach: Gives you an understanding of what the entire network reach of your retailers combined is for Facebook, Twitter, and Email. These metrics will also give you an understanding of how many retailers who have Facebook pages and Twitter accounts, as well as statistics on which retailers are leaders for each channel.

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