Brand Settings

Brand Settings

The Settings tab, located on the left menu of your brand dashboard, is where brands input all information needed for Promoboxx, as well as control the different features available for retailers. These settings will not regularly need adjusting but should be visited by the brand and the Promoboxx Brand Account Manager to make sure the platform is set up properly according to your needs and goals. The five features within the settings tab are explained in further detail below:

Brand Profile Input information regarding your profile: 
  • Brand Name
  • Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and Youtube accounts
  • Phone Number
  • Website
  • Logo
Global Settings
  • Create an alias for what you’d like to call your retailers, campaigns, or divisions
  • Input your division  rep  Vanity Link
  • Change the "from name" on invitations when sent by email and customize login page header text
  • Customize the dashboard to reflect your brand's colors by inputting your hex codes in the designated spaces.
  • Add tags to associate your campaigns with 

Automation: Manage which automation options you’d like to be presented to your customers, Facebook or Twitter.
Custom Fields : Create a custom field for any additional data for your customers besides the standard name, address, or website. These fields are then presented to your customers during the campaign opt-in process and can be updated in their account info. To read the Custom fields article click  here.
Divisions: Manage access to your divisions. You can view total divisions, active users, and pending users, as well as edit users, view their reporting, or their dashboard. You can also create a new division from a filter and then assign a contact to manage that filter. 

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