Lead-Generation Feature

The lead-generation feature is available for Standard and Advanced campaigns and provides the option for the reader to enter their contact information on the Landing Page. The campaign could be a contest or a coupon to download, but the reader needs to be enticed to provide this information. 

Where is the benefit for the retailer and brand? Beyond just having more customer eyes focused on your content, these new contacts will now be part of your growing email list to for future email campaigns. Brands and retailers are always trying to grow these lists as the success of email campaigns is widely successful. 

How to Enable the Lead-Generation Feature

Login to your Promoboxx brand account:

  1. Click the Campaigns tab
  2. Click on one of your campaigns
  3. Under the Setting section, click the Landing Pages
  4. Under the Advanced Settings section, click the Enable Consumer Leads toggle

Lead-Generation Feature Quick Tips

Brand and retailers co-own any leads garnered via the Lead-Generation Feature. Brands and retailers may access leads in their respective accounts at any time under "Customers".

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