Custom Fields

We collect standard data for your dealers like name, address, website, and phone number, but if you need to collect additional data (i.e. Store ID, product lines, etc), you will need to create a custom field.

In the menu on the left, select Settings or the gear icon and then select Custom Fields.  Now, you have access to Retailer Data custom fields, and below that, a Location Data custom fields.  

To create a field, select + Add a Field.  A menu will then give you the ability to change the field name, field type, and field set, among other options. 

Display Name:  To change the field display name, simply type out what you would like to call the field.  This could be anything, including product name, parts and accessories codes, regional codes... etc.  

Input Type:  Input type refers to how the retailer data is inputted. This includes a "Text Field" (limited characters), "Text Area" (less limited characters), "Dropdown" (dropdown menu), "Radio Buttons," or a "Checkbox."

Required:  Check the box to require that the field is filled out for each dealer profile.

Unique:  Check the box to require that no two dealers have the same information in this field; a unique ID

Show on Retailer Index:  Check the box to show this field in the retailer network page. This will also be seen in collections and filters.

Parameter Name for Custom URL:  This value will be substituted for the parameter name when appending a custom field's value to a custom URL.

Retailer Permissions:  This field may be "editable," "view only," or "hidden" from the dealer.

These fields will be presented to your dealers during onboarding and can be updated within a campaign or in their account information. If you create required custom fields, your dealers will not be able to share campaign content until they complete those fields.

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