Retailer Support Escalation Process

Promoboxx’s number one value is Believe In Retailers and as such, we take all positive and constructive feedback very seriously.

If a retailer expresses dissatisfaction of any kind with Promoboxx (i.e. our platform, support offering, a brand’s content or communication cadence) we will work to resolve the issue immediately via the below escalation process.

Escalation First Steps

We ask that you or the retailer reach out to our dedicated Retailer Support Team at or (800) 380-7502 ext. 1 and request that the issue be escalated.

If a member of our dedicated Retailer Support Team is unable to resolve the issue or provide adequate assistance on next steps, the Retailer Support Specialist will assign the issue to their manager.

Reasons for escalation could include:

  • A retailer not being unable to login or promote a piece of branded content
  • A retailer being unable to update their account settings
  • A retailer being dissatisfied with the responsiveness to or resolution of a support request

What Happens After An Issues Has Been Escalated

  1. The Support Manager will reach out directly via phone and/or email
  2. If the retailer is still unhappy, the Brand Account Lead will be alerted and tasked with reaching directly out to the retailer via phone and/or email in addition to communicating the issue directly to the client
  3. If, in the rare case, frustration lingers, a member of the Promoboxx Executive Team will reach out to the retailer.

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