Campaign Description

The Campaign Description is a quick teaser that covers what a Retailer can expect from a campaign. This is a great space to get them hooked before they take action and engage with the content. 

Below is how the retailers see the Campaign Description!

It's important to include a description of what this campaign is, what the Retailers will be getting access to (i.e. Facebook content, Twitter posts) and then how to proceed.

Example: Use this campaign to tell your customers about [DESCRIPTION]. Promoting this campaign will give you access to [Facebook, Twitter, Email, a co-branded landing page, etc.] that you can use in your marketing efforts. Remember, this content is provided to you free of charge, sponsored 100% by [BRAND]. 

After the description, you can also include some actions to take if the Retailer has not set up a Promoboxx account yet.

Example: Don't have an account or login? Click Get Started and then Create a Login on the next page. Questions? Feel free to contact us using our Support channels listed below. 

Lastly, if there's any eye-catching images or screenshots of campaign content that can be added to a sell page, we recommend that you include. At least two images should do the trick!

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