Rep Announcement Email Template

After you kick off with Promoboxx, an important next step is to set up webinars for your reps to educate them on the platform and get them excited! Promoboxx will host these webinars, but it's up to you to get them registered. Below is an email template that can be sent to your reps that introduces them to Promoboxx and includes a CTA for webinar registration.

In addition, you should include this Rep Launch Sheet template in the communication below. This will help to help get their retailers signed up for Promoboxx! Be sure to customize it first for your brand.

Once the email has been sent, Promoboxx will monitor registration numbers closely. In case numbers are low, it's always a good idea to send a registration reminder in order to get the highest level of participation.

Hello [BRAND] reps,

We’re excited to officially launch our partnership with Promoboxx, a digital marketing platform sponsored 100% by [BRAND]. Promoboxx provides your retailers with free access to customizable, brand-approved digital marketing content and easy-to-use tools to better connect with their local consumers online & drive traffic to their stores.

As we invite retailers to participate in Promoboxx, we ask that you please attend the upcoming webinar (see information below) to learn more about this impactful marketing platform and help facilitate retailer adoption. In this webinar, you’ll learn about:

  • The value of Promoboxx and how to get your retailers signed up 
  •  Specific tools your retailers will be provided with, including Facebook and Twitter posts, Email templates, local ads and more! 
  •  How Promoboxx will build your retailers’ online presence and ultimately drive consumer traffic to their stores

Sign up for one of the webinars below!

  • Register for TBDam/pm EST here [insert meeting link]
  • Register for TBDam/pm EST here [insert meeting link]

Want to learn more about Promoboxx?

Check out an overview here. Also attached is a Rep Launch Sheet to help get your retailers excited signed up for Promoboxx!

Reps are fully supported with their own support team — if you have any questions, please contact Rep Support at OR 1(800)380.7502 ext. 1.

Thanks and talk to you soon!

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