Retailer Announcement Email Template

Once you've kicked off with Promoboxx, we will set up webinars for your retailers to teach them everything they need to know about Promoboxx and how they can benefit from the program. There are two ways to go about holding webinars for your retailers, see below:

Option 1: You can hold the webinars after your official launch on Promoboxx, which would give retailers the opportunity to log in, create their account, and get a feel for the platform before learning the ins and outs during the webinar.

Option 2: You can hold the webinars before launch, which would give your retailers a better idea of what they can expect and how to sign up. 

We've found both ways to be successful, so you can decide which is the most convenient for you! The email template below is an example of a pre-launch webinar, introducing Promoboxx to your retailers and encouraging them to register for one of the webinars. 

Hello [BRAND] retailers,

We’re excited to officially launch our partnership with Promoboxx, a digital marketing platform sponsored 100% by [BRAND]. Promoboxx provides you free access to customizable, brand-approved digital marketing content and easy-to-use tools to better connect with your local consumers online!

With Promoboxx, you can seamlessly promote [BRAND] content on your Facebook, Twitter, Local Ads, website, via email & more. Not only is this platform free for you to use courtesy of [BRAND], but it’s also co-branded with your business information and is extremely easy to use.

If you find that you’re too busy for marketing, Promoboxx allows you to schedule content, so you can manage your online marketing in one sitting. You can even enable an automation feature that allows content to be automatically posted directly to your Facebook and/or Twitter pages at a pre-determined schedule!

Starting [TBD DATE], we encourage you to enroll in the platform so that you will be able to start sharing [BRAND] content immediately.

Want to learn more about the platform?

Check out an overview of Promoboxx attached!

We highly recommend you attend our webinar!

Register for the session below:

•      Register for TBD am/pm EST here [insert meeting link]

Thanks and talk to you soon!

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