[Communication Template]: Encouraging Retailers to Use Email

Email is an incredibly powerful tool for your retailers to take advantage of. When your retailers share branded content out to their lists, this can subsequently reach groups of hundreds, if not thousands of consumers at once. Since our email tool is not part of our automation package, retailers sometimes need some extra encouragement to begin using it.

This template is a good way to communicate the value of the email tool to your retailers and get them on board with utilizing across your campaigns.

Subject: Co-Branded Email Templates From [Brand Name]

Header: Have you checked out our email templates?

[Brand name] is providing email templates for you to use across multiple campaigns and initiatives, including [x, y, z campaign names]. Email is a great way to reach hot leads and existing customers to drive them into your store.

Ready to take advantage of these ready-made, co-branded email templates? Login today to import your email list and get sharing!

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