[Communication Template]: Providing Brand Specific URLs

The comm template below will help encourage your retailers to include your brand specific section of their website in their Business Profile. By providing us with that info, we can send consumers directly to your section of their website to highlight your products.

Don't forget to use Promoboxx's variable functionality that will customize your email with each retailer's name or the contact's first name. Last but not least, be sure to include a compelling image to break up the text! 

Subject: Send More Consumer Traffic to Your Store

Header: Want to generate more exposure for “[Retailer Variable]”’s website?

Want to drive more customers to your website?

[BRAND] wants to help! Simply log into Promoboxx and insert your [BRAND] page URL from your website into your Business Info. By doing this, all landing page content posts will lead straight to your [BRAND] page within your website, encouraging customers to purchase products.

Thank you for promoting [BRAND] content!

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