[Communication Template]: Enabling Facebook Insights

The comm template below will help encourage your retailers to turn on their Facebook Insights within their Business Profile. Turning on insights will allow us to report on the impressions, clicks, likes, comments, etc. on all Facebook posts from Promoboxx!

Don't forget to use Promoboxx's variable functionality that will customize your email with each retailer's name or the contact's first name. 

Option #1 Subject: Improve Your Promoboxx Biz Profile

Option #2 Subject: How Are Your Social Posts Performing?

Header: Gain insight into “[Retailer Variable]”’s Facebook engagement

Interested in seeing what reaction your [BRAND] Facebook posts are getting? Enable Facebook insights in your Promoboxx business profile and gain access to the reach, impressions, clicks, likes, shares and comments of your [BRAND] posts!

How do you enable insights on your Promoboxx profile?

  •        Log into your Promoboxx account 
  •        Go to account settings > User profile > Facebook settings > Manage Facebook connection 
  •        Make sure to enable Facebook Insights and a green 'check mark' will appear

Button: Enable Your Facebook Insights

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