[Communication Template]: Retailer Funded Ads

The comm template below will help inform your retailers of Promoboxx's capability to run local ads for their business. Retailers can login, share content, and immediately add their own funds to help boost a Facebook post – all through platform and completed in a matter of minutes!

Subject: Target New Consumers Today

Header: Reach new customers through targeted local ads on Promoboxx!

The Facebook News Feed is a competitive place. To increase visibility of your posts, Promoboxx gives you access to Facebook Ads!

Increase the reach of your [BRAND] posts on Facebook:
To help your [BRAND] content reach more people on Facebook, you can purchase Facebook advertising directly through Promoboxx. Spending as little as $50 can result in an increase of 4K impressions for your post!

How to take advantage of optional advertising on Promoboxx:
After scheduling/sharing a [BRAND] Facebook post on Promoboxx, you can purchase Facebook Advertising by going to the “Local Ads” section of the campaign. You can preview your ad, add geo-targeting to the post, and then allocate funds based off of your budget and Promoboxx’s recommendation. Your ads will start running as soon as the payment process is complete! Check your Promoboxx Reporting after a few days to track your increase in reach.

Button: Create FB Ads

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