Local Ads 201: Features & Channels

If you're ready to start reaching targeted local consumers but aren't sure where to start, our advertising product has a few options you can take advantage of:

  • Retailer funded advertising: This is built into Promoboxx already and requires no additional investment from you. Retailers can put their own advertising dollars behind your Promoboxx Facebook posts to turn them into ads. If you'd like data on how many of your retailers are taking advantage of this tool, how much they're spending, or how often, please reach out to your Brand Account Manager.
  • Brand-funded advertising: Brands can sponsor paid advertising for either a subset or all of their retailers. This is done on a campaign level to help you strategically put advertising dollars toward the initiatives that matter most to you, whether it is a product launch, rebate/coupon, or general awareness campaign. Your account manager will come up with a customized media plan to meet your needs for each campaign.
  • Matched funds: If you want to sponsor paid media for your retailers but want to make sure they also put some skin in the game, our match feature is for you. For every dollar a retailer spends, you can match either a percentage of that or specific dollar amount, maxing out at the spend of your choosing. 
  • Co-op. We have successfully integrated with co-op programs for a handful of our brands to make the process more efficient than ever. These offerings are highly customized to fit each brand's unique co-op structure. Your account manager can work with you on a solution that will work for you & your brand.

Retailer funded campaigns are Facebook only unless requested otherwise by the brand. For any brand funded, match, & co-op campaigns, there are three channels available:

  • Facebook
    • Ads appear natively on the Facebook newsfeed and run on both Desktop and Mobile formats. Facebook ads allow consumers to interact with your retailers via post reactions, comments, and shares.
  • Mobile Display
    • These ads reach customers not on Facebook by placing the ads on third party apps that Facebook works with. Since they don't show up natively in a feed, consumers cannot interact with the ad (i.e. comment, like, share) so it's primary purpose is to drive clicks.
  • Instagram
    • These ads reach consumers on their Instagram feeds

All three channels execute on mobile devices and have full customized targeting capabilities. We highly recommend a multi-channel approach when executing ad campaigns to reach consumers in multiple places throughout their mobile experience.

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