Brand to Retailer Enrollment Email Template

First impressions are important. This email template is a great place to start when you're ready to invite your retailers onto the platform. Don't forget to change out the generic [BRAND NAME] markers with your real brand name, and feel free to throw in your own language, this is just a template after all.

A Message from [Brand Name]

[Brand Logo]

Welcome to Promoboxx! This program will help keep your digital channels populated with frequent, high-quality content to keep your customers engaged and drive traffic to your store. The best part? This innovative new program is designed to support you as an independent business professional and is a service that [BRAND NAME] is offering at absolutely no charge to you.

What is it?
Promoboxx provides you regularly updated, professional, and engaging digital content from [BRAND NAME]. This includes Facebook and Twitter posts, e-mail templates, landing pages, website banners and more!

Who should manage your account?
The person who manages {{ }} digital marketing (ie: Facebook, Twitter, e-mail, website) should also manage your Promoboxx account. Note: There can be multiple users per account.

Already using Promoboxx for other brands?
That's great! You can now promote [BRAND NAME] by claiming content for your account today. Please contact our support team if you have any questions.

Not the right contact?
Reply with the name and email address of the correct contact and we'll get them set-up on your dealer account.

Claim your account today!

We're here to help  Support Center 800-380-7502 x1

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