Creative Best Practices: Instagram

  1. The Image is Everything: It's no secret that Instagram is all about the images. Make use of best image practices by choosing an image that is eye-catching enough to stand out. It should also be a simple, uncluttered image with a strong focal point on the product you are advertising. 
  2. Keep Your Copy Short, Sweet & Action-Oriented: It's important to get your message across quickly and make clear what action you want consumers to take. The character count limit for Instagram Ads is 300, but 130 characters is recommended. Make sure that the important copy is front and center!
  3. Don't Cover More Than 20% of Image with Text: If you’ve been creating Facebook ads, you should be already familiar with the 20% rule. To make such a small amount of copy more appealing, consider moving it entirely to the caption.
  4. Include a Strong CTA: The objective of a brand-to-retailer Instagram advertising campaign should be to drive local consumers to take an in-store action, so it's important to make the CTA relevant to the retailers and focused on the specific product or offer you are advertising. For best results, consider driving the “Learn More” button on the ad to a mobile-optimized landing page that is specific to the campaign or offer and provides local where-to-buy information.


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