Content Guidelines

Use these content guidelines when creating campaigns on Promoboxx. You can also download a Word version of the content form here to send to your agency if needed!

1. General Campaign Info

  • Campaign Name
  • Campaign Duration (Date and Time)
  • Campaign Icon:
    • Dealer-facing - 500x375 pixels. Valid file extensions: jpg, png, gif, jpeg. Max file size: 1MB.
  • Dealer List (only if targeted campaign)
    • Choose a custom field specifying all retailers who should receive the content.

2. Campaign Sell Page

  • Campaign Description: What the campaign is about and why retailers should share.
  • Campaign images & screenshots: Optional
  • Activation Complete Message: Optional (next steps, what’s coming, etc.)

3. Facebook Post

  • Link Share
    • Requires Destination URL s
      • Optimally not a Brand property with “dealer lookup” modal
      • Can be 3rd party videos (i.e. YouTube, Vimeo) but will not auto-play.
    • Headline: 25 characters
      • Can include dealer variables (typically just dealer name)
    • Link Description: 90 characters
      • Mobile only displays 50 characters
      • Can include dealer variables
    • Image must match FB ratio  1.9 :  1
    • Best Practice: No more than 20% text on image (allows dealers to turn into FB advertisement)
  • Photo Share
    • Cannot include any link.
    • Use images that are at least 1200 x 630 pixels for the best display on high-resolution devices.
    • Must include 3-4 versions of "User Generated Copy" which appears as the text a retailer would type themselves. Cannot include retailer variables.
  • Video Share
    • Existing Facebook video URL required.

4. Twitter Post

  • Text (120 characters)
    • If including link, 116 characters
  • Photo
    • If including link + photo, 92 characters
    • Max image size = 1024 x 512 pixels. Minimum image size = 506 x 253 pixels.
    • Valid file extensions: jpg, png, gif, jpeg. Max file size: 1MB.

5. Landing Page Campaign 

(Microsites that dynamically highlight retailer social channels, map location, phone, website, etc. Campaign social shares link consumers to this page (i.e. Facebook, Twitter, e-mail, and banners)

  • Featured Image (min resolution 1200 x 630) or YouTube video
    • If image with text, please include text-free file, Promoboxx can layer text for display scaling.
  • Lead Generation Form
    • 1 week lead time to complete integration

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