Native Video

Native Video is a new feature that allows you to upload a video directly into Promoboxx, creating a more impactful share and advertising option for your retailers that increases consumer engagement!

How to Upload a Video:

When you create a video share, you now have the option to either upload a video or add a link to a Facebook video. We recommend uploading a video for video shares because it is made to look as if it was posted by the retailer. This is especially beneficial for ads as it will drive more consumer traffic from the video ad directly to the retailer page. 

To upload your video, simply press the "click to upload" option under "Upload Campaign Assets". If you do not have access to the video you'd like to upload, you can add a link to the Facebook video instead by entering the video URL.  

Once you have uploaded your video share, you can set the destination link in the area shown below. You have the ability to link your share to the retailer's website, your brand's website, a custom link, or no link. The fallback link is where the share will go to if it fails to land on the original link type chosen.

Key Benefits of Native Video:

  • Facebook video improves consumer engagement by 110% when compared to Youtube because it auto-plays in the newsfeed and Facebook’s newsfeed algorithm favors Facebook video over any other source
  • Drives consumer traffic to retailer pages instead of the brand’s national pages, providing a more seamless experience for the customer and the retailer
  • Reporting for video when the native video is utilized will now be specific to the retailer instead of including views from the national pages
  • Video ads are now in the appropriate format for Facebook and can include call-to-action buttons

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