Retailer Content Dashboard Update

Now, it's even easier for retailers to find and search for content with this revamped and redesigned Retailer Content Dashboard.

What did we improve?

When retailers login to Promoboxx, they can now filter based on share channel (Facebook, Twitter, Instagram), search by keyword, and more. We also made a big investment in performance with this update to vastly improve page load speeds and ease of use!

Why is this important to you?

For brands, the new content dashboard makes it easier for retailers to engage with your branded content, which improves brand-to-retailer marketing alignment. For retailers, they have a new and improved way to navigate their campaigns. This dashboard is faster and more flexible than ever. They are able to see more information up front (which share channels are available, which content is popular) and they have the ability to search and filter the content in a way that’s relevant to them.

Key Benefits:

  • Performance upgrades to make the retailer dashboard faster than ever
  • New search & filtering functionality that make it easy for retailers to find relevant content
  • Updated campaign card that gives the retailer more information up front

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