Building a Landing Page

As you know with Standard and Advanced Campaigns, each post within the campaign links to a co-branded landing page that Promoboxx customizes for each one of your retailers. Our landing page designer allows you to build a custom landing page based on our pre-loaded template.

Getting Started:

After you create a new Standard or Advanced campaign, head to the "Landing Pages" section and then click "Launch Campaign Designer."

Once you're in the landing page designer, you'll be able to customize our standard template that will already be pre-loaded in the designer. There are several key features on this template you'll want to edit, including:

  • Banner background image
  • Banner graphic image
  • Banner heading text
  • Main content copy

You can click on these elements in the landing page preview to activate the associated edit panel. The editable elements will be highlighted in yellow when you hover over them. Example below:

Main Content Copy:

Within the main content copy section of the editing panel, you have the opportunity to insert various elements such as headers, subheaders, CTA buttons, download buttons, forms, images, videos, retailer variables, and more! 

Additionally, if you are familiar with HTML and CSS, you can insert code straight to the main content copy section to customize your page even more!

* Image guidelines: By default the template width is limited to 960px. Images that span the width of the landing page should at least have 960px resolution in the horizontal dimension. Consider that many consumers will view your campaign on high density screens (e.g. Apple Mac Retina display). These screens can render images with additional detail, so it's better to provide an image with extra resolution (but no more than 1820px). A good target is 1200 or 1400px in the horizontal dimension. Larger resolutions tend to create larger files that are slow to download.

Content Styles:

Want to change the background color or text color for the content of your page? You can do so under the "Content Styles" section! Similarly, you can also upload a background image or background color for the entire page under "Background Image".

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