Local Ads Credits

Introducing: Local Ads Credits

Promoboxx knows how important Tier 3 advertising is for national brands. In response, we expanded our Local Ads offering to include awarding top retailers directly rather than limiting ads to specific campaigns.

This update also represents an alternative use for co-op or marketing dollars for brands who struggle to spend their full budgets, or want to encourage a higher percentage of spend to go toward digital. Local ads credits given directly to retailers will go toward digital advertising on brand approved content and can be set to expire on the co-op expiration date.

How Does it Work?

With Local Ads Credits, you can provide funds to a specific group of retailers that they can spend on local ads for any campaign. You retailers will be able to run ads against content that makes the most sense for their business and digital advertising goals. Local ads credits can also be used in addition to any brand-sponsored local ads campaigns with specific reward amounts.

Key Benefits:

  • Flexible spending: sponsor ads to drive awareness of initiatives, retail traffic, or both.
  • Expiration date functionality that acts both as a way to enforce co-op expiration dates and to encourage retailer adoption.
  • An easy way to deliver co-op budgets on digital brand-approved ads without a complex approval process.
  • A streamlined and intuitive process for the retailer
  • A tool for brands to spend their extra quarterly budgets on Tier 3 advertising when they’re in a ‘use it or lose it’ scenario and don’t necessarily have an initiative they want to put it towards. 

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