Adding New Contacts-uploading a list or adding a new user

  • To begin please click on the Retailers icon located on the left hand-side black menu bar
  • You are now on your Retailer Network page, you will see your entire list of contacts listed alphabetically
  • To import a new list click on the located next to the word Imports on the left side of the page
  • Once on the Import Retailers page, it is important to download the Sample Template and input your data correctly before uploading it into the platform. Promoboxx will import data incorrectly if the spreadsheet is in the wrong format
  • Once you upload your data the Platform will highlight any corrections that need to be made/missing data and you can make adjustments on a case by case basis.
If you want to add a contact in a one off situation there is a green +Add Retailer button on the top right corner of the  Retailer Network page. 
  • Once here you will be prompted to fill out the Business information
  • Once you've added the retailer, you will want to go into their account and invite the correct user. You can do so by clicking into the retailer on the network page, scrolling down to 'Users', and hit '+ Invite New User'.

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