Creating and Using a Test Retailer

Creating a test retailer is useful for testing your campaigns and it allows you to have an insight into the retailer experience. 

To create a test retailer follow these steps:

  1. Proceed to the Retailer Network Page by clicking Retailer icon on the black left-hand side menu
  2. Click the green +Add Retailer button in the top right corner
  3. Input the required business information, we suggest calling your retailer "Test Store" or along those lines
  4. Once you have created the test retailer you can click into the account and +Invite new user

Test Retailer Tips:

  • You will know you're on the retailer facing platform by web address: 
  • Be sure to open your test account as well as test your content and campaigns in an incognito window so the browser does not pull in your brand permissions
  • Be sure to create a Facebook business and Twitter account to associate with your Test Retailer.
  • When testing your campaigns be sure to proceed to the Invitations tab within each campaign and click on the Generic Campaign Link 

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